Summer Reading Events

Monday, June 18th Learn Listen and play – 3:30pm

  • Introduction to instruments and movements, as well as learning instrument and voice techniques.

Tuesday, June 19th Reptile Wonders- 2:00pm

  • Hands-on interactive animal demonstrations. Children WILL NOT be allowed to touch the aquatic turtles, as the DO BITE.

Wednesday, June 20th New Moon Theater- 10:30am

  • Children will hear storyteller Julie Kurzava tells three stories from India.

Friday, June 29th Millsboro Music- 11:00am

  • This local business will have many musical instruments on display and demonstrate how they are used.

Monday, July 2nd Ken Thompson- 10:30am

  • Mr. Thompson is a multi-talented musician who plays the clarinet, trumpet, bass guitar, drums and more! Main focus for this program will be the saxophone.

Monday, July 9th Baba Bomani- 10:30am

  • Involves the audience in the art of hip hop song writing

Wednesday, July 11th DASEF- 10:30am

  • Delaware Aero Space Education Foundation presents “Science Rocks,” a program focusing on our reactions to sounds-how they are made and how we hear them.

Wednesday, July 18th Abbott’s Mill- 10:30am

  • Theme is rocks, Presenters will discuss the formation of rocks as well as how to identify different types of rocks.

Monday, August 6th Shorebirds- 11:00am

  • Players from the Shorebirds baseball team will answer questions and bring tickets to handout for one of their upcoming games.

Wednesday, August 8th Kinderman(John Taylor) – 5:30pm

  • Attendees are in for a fun night of movement, dance, rhyme, song, and storytelling with performer Kinderman at our Summer Reading Challenge Closing Party.

Thursday, August 9th Dance Alley- 11:00am

  • Dancers from this Millsboro-based studio will put on a show featuring performances in the style of tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and more.